25 Pets Who Forget All About Their Rivalries And Snuggle Up To Stay Warm In Winter

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Having more than one pet in your house is a wonderful way to give your animals extra love and companionship. Unless, of course, they don’t hit it off. Then it’s a lifetime of playing referee between their dueling distaste for each other.

But there’s always one time of year when differences can be set aside and a fluffy truce is called. That’s when the chilly weather starts to sneak in through the windows and even though they might not want to cuddle, they also know it’s the best way to stay warm.

1. “Wait, are you just using me for my fluff?” “100%.”

2. They begged to go outside and then…

3. “It’s my turn next, right?” “We’ll see.”

4. “Don’t get too attached.”

5. They’re attempting to wipe the human’s memory with their laser eyes.

6. “This isn’t so bad…I guess…”

7. “I’m so uncomfortable and comfortable at the same time, dangit.”

8. “Would it kill you to turn the heat up just two more degrees?”

9. “She’s still the worst, but…she’s warm.”

10. The purring helps lull him into acceptance.

11. The double-dip spoon action really ups the cozy factor.

12. “Oh jeez, you said there wouldn’t be photo evidence!”

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13. If it’s top-to-tail it doesn’t count.

14. “I hate you.” “Shut up and smoosh closer.”

15. “Don’t worry, I still plan on destroying him later.”

16. The rare cat-big-spoon blanket.

17. “Hey, do they use a different conditioner on you?”

18. “Tell. No. One.”

19. Bonus action for guilting their human for attempting to go on vacation without them.

20. “What have we become?” “Shh, go back to sleep.”

21. That gray one is definitely going to seek revenge on the human for interrupting.

22. “I can’t even remember what we were fighting about!” “I called you fat.”

23. “Don’t say anything, he thinks I’m laundry!”

24. “I don’t even care how bad you smell.”

25. “Why didn’t you tell me you hide the heat in the dog?”

These are the cutest ceasefires you’ll ever see. And if you’re lucky, the peace treaties won’t disappear when the weather gets better.

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