5 Mysterious Photos Of Equally Mysterious People In History

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Have you ever looked at an old photo and felt like there was something darker going on than the image let on at first glance? Do you ever feel like you’re not seeing the full picture?

Well, Dark 5 recently compiled some of the eeriest images of all time, and they even included information about the odd figures in each one of them. From a cave-dwelling hermit to a woman who may have filmed the second shooter of John F. Kennedy, here are some of the most mysterious subjects ever caught on film.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XASdjVOhXIY?autoplay=0]

Of course, any photo can seem creepy if you put ambient music behind it and slowly pan from side to side, but you have to admit that the stories behind these particular images definitely send them over the spooky edge!

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