A Curious Manatee Watches Over A Lost Dog Who Was Waiting For Help.

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In Florida, a dog lost his way and found himself stranded in a river without a way to escape. Sealed in by cement walls, the poor pup, whose name is White Boy, was probably feeling really helpless… Until a new friend came to keep him company.

Manatees are known as naturally curious creatures, so when White Boy’s cries for help didn’t receive much notice from residents in the neighborhood, the big sea mammal found his way to watch over the pup.

When White Boy was discovered, Marine Patrol Unit officer Jodie Maxim snapped this pic of his lingering new friend.

With his rescuer, officer Randy Lopez. The poor pup luckily only suffered a few bug bites and some slightly bloody paws from his escape attempts.

Lopez soon returned the pup to his family who were thrilled to see him.

(via Huffington Post.)

No one was sure exactly how long the poor pup was stranded, but the officers attribute this unlikely friendship for keeping his hopes up while he waited for his rescuers. 

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