A Woman Bought Some Eggs At The Store. What Happened Next Was COMPLETELY Unexpected.

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Mandy Clayton wanted some quail eggs for a salad she was making, so she did what pretty much anyone would do: went to the store to buy some, duh. But what happened next, I’m pretty sure none of us would ever see coming.

Mandy bought a dozen quail eggs. She had 4 left over, and for some reason, she put them in an incubator just “to see what would happen.”

And THIS is what happened. One of them hatched.

She named the adorable little girl Rose after the store where she bought the eggs.

I don’t even know how this is possible, but hey.. cute quail.

Mandy bought 4 more quails to give this one company. She also has 9 chickens.

“We’ve got a tiny little flock of them now, which is great. It just goes to show how fresh the eggs were, really,” she added.

Although I question the whole “putting it in an incubator just to see what would happen,” apparently this whole incident is very possible. If you shine a flashlight in a dark room and see ‘veins’ in the eggs, there’s a chance it just might hatch in the same way. But I’m no egg expert. Either way, Mandy is one adorable quail richer. Share this bizarre story with others below.

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