After voting for crap sandwich, Sen. Graham says it’s time to cut spending!/GrahamBlog/status/286122111607652352

The debt ceiling fight is where we can make major spending changes and prevent the country from becoming Greece.

— Lindsey Graham (@GrahamBlog) January 1, 2013

Last night, the Senate passed legislation, which prevents the expiration of the Bush-era tax cuts for 99 percent of Americans.

— Lindsey Graham (@GrahamBlog) January 1, 2013

Additionally, without this legislation, draconian cuts to our national defense will take place.

— Lindsey Graham (@GrahamBlog) January 1, 2013

Finally, this legislation reverses the President’s decision to give Congress a pay raise.

— Lindsey Graham (@GrahamBlog) January 1, 2013

Its unfortunate President refused to discuss spending cuts in this legislation. He will not have that luxury in upcoming debt limit debate.

— Lindsey Graham (@GrahamBlog) January 1, 2013

Debt limit debate will be our best opportunity to get a handle on the out of control spending, which will bankrupt us if left unaddressed.

— Lindsey Graham (@GrahamBlog) January 1, 2013

I have repeatedly made it clear I will not vote to raise the debt ceiling unless we address why we are going further in debt.

— Lindsey Graham (@GrahamBlog) January 1, 2013

The time has come for the President to face up to the need to control federal spending and the growth of entitlements.

— Lindsey Graham (@GrahamBlog) January 1, 2013

If we do not change course in our spending habits, the United States will become Greece.

— Lindsey Graham (@GrahamBlog) January 1, 2013

Sounds good, but at the end of the day, Graham voted for a bill that raised taxes by $41 for every dollar in spending cuts. So, understandably, most tweeters weren’t in the mood to hear his tough talk:

@grahamblog Linsey Graham you are a disgrace as a Senator and you should never hold office again you dont stand for anything but yourself !

— GoldenRod (@BrammerE) January 1, 2013

. @tgowdysc 2014! RT @whitneyneal: Watching Lindsey Graham try to explain away his vote. Just keep swimming. Just keep failing. #fiscalcliff

— EyeOnFreedom (@EyeOnFreedom) January 1, 2013

@grahamblog cough BULLSHIT cough cough

— Jon McC (@fatdaddybulldog) January 1, 2013

@grahamblog You and the other 88 deal-taker votes really made yourselves clear last night, didn’t you? #lnyhbt

— A Leslie (Pfft) (@Leslie_H20) January 1, 2013

@grahamblog LMAO! Do you serious want us to vote for you again Lindsey. Come on buddy. Enough with this Drastic Shit.

— Fish_Taco (@FishTaco_SC) January 1, 2013

You caved to the Dems RT @grahamblog: Last night, the Senate passed legislation, which prevents the (cont)

— Michael L Jones (@Michael_L_Jones) January 1, 2013

@grahamblog but yet you voted for this bill

— JWV52 (@JWV52) January 1, 2013

@grahamblog That is precious!!!!Coming from a whamsy pamsy Senator that drops his pants and says “Please Sir, may I have another!” lol

— Trouble to a ‘T’ (@MarineReconDad) January 1, 2013

I’m a bit disconsolate at GOP Senators, who have for 3+ years NOT held the Pres. to account, telling me that now they will. (@grahamblog)

— Bob Hicks (@BobHicks_) January 1, 2013

@grahamblog so when are you going to stop it and stop bending over for Obama?

— al white (@alsjeep2003) January 1, 2013

@grahamblog so why did you vote for a bill that doesn’t address the reckless spending? #TCOT #Taxpayers #GOP

— gman949 (@gman949) January 1, 2013

@grahamblog I still say most of you acted cowardly, worried about your reelections. Should have stood up for what you know is right!

— Gary Lewis (@steelersfn4life) January 1, 2013

@grahamblog you should have thought about that before you voted yes.

— Susan Reaney (@SSReaney) January 1, 2013

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