Alligators Have Learned To Ring Doorbells — Perhaps We Should Be Concerned

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There is perhaps no creature that’s more universally feared than the alligator, and that’s especially true in the South, where these reptiles reign supreme. These scary buggers love going where they don’t belong just to prove that they can.

And that urge often brings them into close contact with humans. Earlier this week, a family in South Carolina learned that terrifying lesson when an alligator sauntered right up to their front door and rang the bell.

I know it sounds like the beginning of a terrible children’s movie, but the man who shot this video captured the whole ordeal.


He was quick to point out that the gator just wanted to find its way out of the neighborhood, and that it wasn’t feeling aggressive.

(via Metro)

That being said, if you live near alligators and your doorbell rings when you’re not expecting anyone, you should probably just run and hide. These gators are getting a little too smart for my liking.

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