Apparently, Tesla May Have Contacted Aliens Through The Black Knight Satellite

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Most folks familiar with the name Tesla know that it’s associated with more than just an electric car company.

Nikola Tesla was one of the most brilliant inventors of the 20th century. While he was discredited in life, he gained lasting recognition posthumously. Beyond what we know for sure about Tesla, there are dozens of rumors circulating about his life, and one of those is that the scientist was the first human to receive signals from aliens.

In 1899, Tesla was working at his home in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He set up a lab there in order to experiment with his concept of wireless power transmission, but that wasn’t the only avenue he explored.

In 1923, Tesla told a reporter what occurred one night in 1899. Here’s what he had to say.

“While experimenting in Colorado, I obtained extraordinary experimental evidence of the existence of life on Mars. I had perfected a wireless receiver with sensitiveness far beyond anything known, and I caught signals which I interpreted as meaning 1-2-3-4. I believe the Martians used numbers for communication because numbers are universal,” Tesla said.

As you might imagine, this statement earned Tesla the scorn of his peers. In later years, several researchers wrote off his claims of alien contact. The prevailing theory seemed to be that Tesla actually misinterpreted radio waves from storms on Jupiter.

But then another theory arose. It stated that Tesla had not been contacted by aliens, but that he was actually reached by the ancient Black Knight satellite that orbits the Earth.

The Black Knight Satellite (pictured below) is rumored to be an ancient alien structure. While hard facts about the object are difficult to come by, many conspiracy theorists believe that it spies on humanity and then relays those messages elsewhere.

(via Ancient Code)

Sadly, there is no way to know for sure who (or what) contacted Tesla back in 1899. If anyone wants to get some answers, they’ll have to bring the Black Knight down to Earth.

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