Audio: Serena Williams decides to be a rapper; Warning: Listen at your own risk!/MichaelVacirca/status/200953423561109505

Serena Williams is a tennis superstar, a fashion icon and now a Lil Kim wannabe! Press play on the video below to listen to her newest single which is sure NOT to be a hit anytime soon.

WARNING: Upon pressing play, you realize you’re wasting valuable minutes of your day and that your ears may bleed.

I refuse to listen to this song of Serena Williams rapping. Nope! I won't do it

— Steph (@thinmint215) May 11, 2012

LIAR!!! If we had to listen to it, so do you!

So Serena Williams has a rap song out. I don't want to listen to music anymore. I'm done. Someone come confiscate my iPod.

— Grits N' Gravy (@AriChav) May 11, 2012

Serena Williams a rapper now?….. The world is really comin to an end lol

— Jigga (@BossMujer) May 11, 2012

Serena Williams can't be serious ..

— SPACE CADET (@AstroTx713) May 11, 2012

After setting 47 alarms on my phone this AM, my cringing at this Serena Williams 'rap' song is what ultimately woke me up. #LawdHeppUsAwl

— Zo! (@Zo3hree5ive) May 11, 2012

Serena Williams drops new rap song?! Can't people just stick to what they are good at. She is ruining her tennis cred.

— melissa yaniro (@melissa1014) May 11, 2012

I will not be supporting Serena Williams' rap career. At some point you have to draw a line.

— Jóel (@Swiizzyy) May 11, 2012

I think all twitter hackers and spambots should be forced to listen to Serena Williams demo or even mixtape..

— Cornell Wesley (@TheBishopBanker) May 11, 2012

Surprisingly, there are actually SOME people who think her track sounded good.!/nonamalone313/status/200954543301865472

Serena Williams is rapping now.. It sounds cute

— Simply ME…… (@NeenaCherry) May 11, 2012

Ugh…and then there’s this tweet that is so true it makes us depressed.

Btw… that Serena Williams track.. Sounds like what kids are listening to now.. That's what make it sad

— esco (@escoo) May 11, 2012

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