Bam! O-care cancellation notice avalanche in devastating perspective!/RepTomPrice/status/393889396682162176

Truth. Ache.

That’s right: The Weekly Standard reported on the belief that as many as 16 million Americans may receive the dreaded and devastating insurance cancellation notice due to Obamacare.!/larry_kudlow/status/393407637217230848!/CuffyMeh/status/393742017785634816

That video cannot be played often enough.!/Heminator/status/393800181021290496

Ha! Some in the media are starting to finally notice that Americans are receiving cancellation notices. But, you know, spin. Spin like the wind! They’ll just get “better” plans and stuff. Plus, it’s all only a glitch or something.!/LauraWalkerKC/status/394821549519159296

Yep! The Obamacare national hotline confirmed it: Screwed.!/TenNamesLater/status/394169299495288832

Indeed. Also, devastating.

But, hey, what’s the fifth largest state out of 57, right Obama? Forward!


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