Barney Frank weds partner in Massachusetts!/pettybooshwah/status/221752971476733952

Representative Barney Frank today became the first sitting member of Congress to enter a same-sex marriage by marrying longtime partner Jim Ready in Newton, Mass. Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick officiated at the ceremony.

About 300 attended the wedding, including quite a few political figures.

At barney frank wedding stakeout, Nancy Pelosi in the house.

— Tim McLaughlin (@MacMutual) July 7, 2012

@NancyPelosi you need to live tweet Barney Frank's wedding so we know who's in it.

— Hair (@SHannitysHair) July 8, 2012

Initial Twitter reaction was overwhelming positive.

Hooray for #BarneyFrank and congratulations!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!

— Martha Plimpton (@MarthaPlimpton) July 7, 2012

My most sincere congrats & best wishes to the newlyweds, Barney Frank & Jim Ready. [really sincere, not sarcastic]

— YancyFaith (@YancyFaith) July 7, 2012

Betting that dude had like the snarkiest wedding vows ever RT @politico: Barney Frank marries his longtime partner:

— Tim Hwang (@timhwang) July 7, 2012

I'm not sure how I feel about Barney Frank's work in financial legislation, but I wish him and his partner a happy marriage.

— DMEdwards (@DMEdwards) July 8, 2012

Political differences aside, Congratulations RT @Reuters Congressman Barney Frank weds in same-sex marriage

— Doug Mataconis (@dmataconis) July 8, 2012

@Talkmaster Barney Frank married his boyfriend today. Financial markets can relax now. They wont be getting screwed anymore

— Lovethatscience (@Lovethatscience) July 8, 2012

Sorry fellas!

Gentlemen Barney Frank is off the Market as of approx. 6:30p this evening #thankgod

— Mike Demarest (@Mike_Demarest) July 7, 2012

Mass rep barney frank got married today… Its official, I'm going to die alone!

— James Fedas (@jjfedas) July 7, 2012

Those expecting a torrent of gay-bashing might have to settle for some light ribbing instead.

Awww..someone's getting some manboob action tonight. RT “@HuffPostPol: Rep. Barney Frank marries longtime partner

— Eric Larson (@larsoneric50) July 8, 2012

Barney Frank married Jim Ready, creating awkwardness every time someone at their barbecues asks, "who's ready for franks?"

— BC (@theBCdaily) July 8, 2012

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