Because OF COURSE: Shaun King’s dreaming of a ‘white supremacy’ Christmas

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Does it ever!

Prepare to be educated:

When we lived in California, I cringed when my children saw stringy blond-haired surfers with beards and they would blurt out to us, “Hey, he looks like Jesus!” I would have to stop and correct them and say, “No, he looks how white people want Jesus to look, but Jesus did not look like a California surfer dude.”

It’s not simply an honest mistake though.

When the man who is deemed the central figure of a religion and indeed the savior of the entire world is consistently portrayed to look like a Scandinavian sailor when he more likely resembled a Syrian refugee, it’s being done to advance an Anglo-Saxon, white supremacist agenda.

Is there any doubt that Shaun’s the life of every Christmas party he’s at?

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