Buh-bye! Rick Perry haters threaten to vote with their feet


Careful on the way out, pal. Don’t let that door hit you in the back!

Gov. Rick Perry announced Monday that Texas will opt out of the most intrusive, overreaching portions of Obamacare.

“If anyone had any doubt, we wanted to put it clearly to bed that Texas wasn’t going to be a part of expanding socializing of our medicine,” he said in an exclusive interview with Fox News. “We’re not going to participate in any exchanges, we’re not going to expand Medicaid – we’re just not going to be a part of, again, socializing healthcare in the state of Texas.”

While conservatives cheered Perry’s rejection of Obamacare, it didn’t go over too well with Texan liberals who’d happily bankrupt the state in exchange for “free” health insurance.



Some threatened to leave the state altogether if Perry refuses to pony up the cash for their medical bills.


@UnluckyAssassin Man FUCK Rick Perry. Im getting the fuck outta here.

— Lil Pound Cake (@SheSeauxSaditty) July 9, 2012

I saw Rick Perry trending and I knew shit happened that would make the concept of moving to New York look more and more acceptable.

— robb ★彡 (@him_er0s) July 9, 2012

I'm moving. I loathe Rick perry.

— July 30th ☺️ (@RachelTWOtimes) July 9, 2012


Well, I knew this would happen. Rick Perry says he won't implement the ACA in Tx. God, I have to move. #RickPerry #douchebag #ACA

— Jittery Kitty (@JitteryKitty29) July 5, 2012

Oh noes! They’ll run away from home forevah if they don’t get their way!

Will Texas survive this exodus?

If Texas is such a horrible state, lined with 'dying', why is everyone moving here more than every other state combined? Rick Perry =#1 gov

— LisainDallas (@LisainDallas) July 9, 2012

Rick Perry vows he won't implement health care law in Texas – THAT DOES IT, I'M MOVING BACK TO TEXAS! THANK YOU GOV. PERRY!

— Augustus McCrae (@LDTEX) July 9, 2012

@GovernorPerry I LOVE your stand on ACA…I might have to move to Texas.

— Stephen Michael (@NHbear1966) July 9, 2012

Man listenin to Rick Perry on the news makes me wanna move to Texas one day. Oh wait, I am!

— Clay McGuire (@claymcguire) July 9, 2012

@DRUDGE_REPORT Perry you are great we often reflect on moving to Texas

— Sandra (@sklirwin) July 9, 2012

@MikeEmanuelFox: Gov Rick Perry to Sebelius: “I will not be party to socializing healthcare and bankrupting my state…."” I'm moving to tx

— kSa (@katelynd_anne) July 9, 2012

Looks like Texas will be doin’ just fine.

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