Bull Shark Attacks Spear Fisherman At Full Speed, Completely Unprovoked

When we think of scary sharks, we often think of Great Whites.

After all, they’re enormous. Those teeth are the stuff of nightmares. In reality, many shark attacks are carried out by the Great White’s much smaller cousin, the bull shark. Known for being aggressive and living in shallow, warm water around the world, you’re much more likely to run into one of these nasty fellows.

A spear fisherman swimming off the coast of North Queensland, Australia, however, caught a highly unusual and terrifying behavior on video.

All of a sudden, the bull shark appears out of nowhere, attacking him unprovoked. I’m so glad he had a spear with him!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnA5DT3ilQw?autoplay=0]

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Fortunately, the diver managed to fend off the shark without sustaining injuries. Still, it’s an incredibly scary experience. SHARE this video with the people you know who can’t get enough of Shark Week.

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