Changed times: New York Times ‘misspoke’ fail in a snark-tastic nutshell!/PunditReview/status/397026210221264896

Bada-zing! That sums it up: Oh how times have changed!

Clearly the NYT's Editorial Board believes it can change the narrative from 'lie' to 'misspoke'.
Times have changed.
#NewMedia— Bob (@BobHicks_) November 03, 2013


Twitter was buzzing Sunday morning over the latest staggering instance of hackery from the New York Times. As Twitchy reported, the editorial board absurdly said that President Liar Pants just “misspoke” when he said you could keep your plan. On multiple occasions. Consistently.


The mockery was swift and hilarious. But one thing remains clear:!/IMAO_/status/397019862679048193


And an exit experiment idea:!/redsteeze/status/397031190508888065


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