Chuck Todd somehow misses president’s four mentions of word ‘Syria’

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Let’s hope that Congress pays closer attention to the president as he lays out his ISIS strategy this week than Chuck Todd did Sunday on “Meet the Press.” Viewers listening closely noticed that Todd told the president, “You’ve not said the word, ‘Syria,’ so far in our conversation,” after the president had mentioned it four times. The official transcript verifies the goof, the goof being Chuck Todd.!/CarolynNeedham/status/508625711142567936!/IvanTheK/status/508625733397516288!/scotia626/status/508683008745148418!/andie_walsh/status/508655758586966017!/allanbrauer/status/508685710530859008

Audiologist: Listen to this tape.
Obama''s voice: Syria. Syria. Syria. Syria.
Audiologist: What did you hear?
Chuck Todd: Nothing.— Allan Brauer (@allanbrauer) September 07, 2014

RT @Gus_802: Obama: Syria
Chuck Todd: Tan suit?
Obama: No, I said Syria.
Chuck Todd: Well, sounded like tan suit to me.
Obama: No, I said…— Lex Alexander (@LexAlexander) September 07, 2014!/CatLadyLC/status/508700427869618176!/ToddBolus/status/508683505107480576

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