Community Post: Which Famous Fantasy Group Do You Belong In?

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I’m kinda just down with whatever gets me working for the Khaleesi.

    1. Broken bottle

    2. Sword

    3. Shield

    1. Via

      Magic wand

    2. I guess bows are pretty in…

    3. Pass

    1. HBO

      House Lannister

    2. HBO

      House Tyrell

    3. HBO

      House Martell

    1. HBO

      House Targaryen

    2. Via

      House Stark

    3. HBO

      House Greyjoy

    1. AMC


    2. Warner Bros.

      Giant Spiders

    3. HBO


    1. Dire Wolves

    2. New Line Cinemas


    3. Warner Bros.


Which Famous Fantasy Group Do You Belong In?

  1. You got: The Rat Queens from “Rat Queens”

    Get ready to drink. The Rat Queens, from the comic book of the same name, are the toughest and most foul-mouthed adventuring group in the city of Palisades. These four best friends enjoy killing monsters — a lot. Almost as much as they like the after-party.

    Image Comics / Via
  2. You got: The Fellowship from “Lord of the Rings”

    Four hobbits, two men, an elf, a dwarf, and a wizard. “The Fellowship of the Ring” set the standard for all adventuring groups that followed. They don’t fight for prizes or fame, they fight for all of Middle-Earth. They’re classic heroes.

    New Line Cinemas
  3. You got: The Marauders from “Harry Potter”

    Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs are kind of like the popular kids you hated in high school. Brilliant, charming, and kind of dick-ish — that is, if you’re unfortunate enough to be on the outside looking in. The Marauders are four young wizards who are most definitely having a great time.

    Warner Bros.
  4. You got: The Bridgeburners from “Malazan Book of the Fallen”

    “First in. Last out.” The Bridgeburners are legendary. A division of soldiers within the Malazan Empire that are respected by friendly and enemy forces alike. The best at what they do, the Bridgeburners are who you call when failure is simply not an option.

    Tor Fantasy / Via
  5. You got: The Night’s Watch from “A Song of Ice and Fire”

    Hidden away in the far North, the Night’s Watch is a force of ex-cons and castoffs. They’re miserable, bitter, and dangerous, but at the end of the day, the crows are all that stand between Westeros and ruin.

  6. You got: The Gentlemen Bastards from “The Gentlemen Bastards”

    A band of orphans from the book series of the same name, the Gentlemen Bastards are the cleverest thieves in all of Camorr. Closer than family, these thieves care more about the thrill of the game than the payoff.

    Bantam Spectra

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