Cry for help? Chad Ochocinco tweets ‘Goodbye…’; Update: Sick joke?!/ochocinco/status/275368960311037953

Troubled and talkative professional football player Chad Ochocinco, a prolific and often entertaining Twitter user, has been the subject of many Twitchy posts over the past year. This afternoon, he posted a couple of cryptic tweets that have some of his fans worried (especially in light of the weekend’s murder-suicide involving Kansas City Chiefs star Jovan Belcher).

Time is very precious n with me not knowing how much I have left, let me remind you all that I love you while my watch is still ticking 🙏

— Chad Johnson (@ochocinco) December 2, 2012

@ochocinco Please stop talking like that…your making me nervous. Are you okay Chad??

— Andrea Leilani (@AndreaXLeilani) December 2, 2012

@ochocinco This is not “goodbye”. It is “Till we meet again”.

— NinaEve (@NiNaRoSs1) December 2, 2012

I sure hope people who know @ochocinco personally don’t dismiss his last two tweets as nothing.

— Will (@HeyMyNameIsWill) December 2, 2012

If @ochocinco is about to committee….. Think about your family. And if this is for attention, your a complete asshole.

— Nicky Stix™ (@NickyStix018) December 2, 2012

@ochocinco Just listen to some Kanye you’ll be alright.

— MachineGun$mitty (@Sober_Addict) December 2, 2012

@ochocinco your last two tweets sound kind of cryptic man hope all is well. Stay up..

— Corey Heaward (@cheaward) December 2, 2012

Dnt commit suicide chad!!! The ppl need u!!! (On twitter not the nfl) RT @ochocinco: Goodbye…

— Boss (@LonnyBoss) December 2, 2012

@ochocinco is everything alright ???

— Jason Segall (@jasonsegz) December 2, 2012

We hope Ochocinco gets the help and support he needs.


Update: His latest tweet indicates Ochocinco is a sick, sick man. Jerk:

Hold up… I ran out of damn toilet tissue and I refuse to smear feces amongst my buttox bunny hopping through the house to find a roll 😡

— Chad Johnson (@ochocinco) December 2, 2012

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