Cue shocked faces: Fishwrap of Record whitewashes Muslim riots in Sweden!/nytimes/status/338920647067582465

The New York Times finally got around to covering the week-old Muslim riots in Sweden. Except they left one teeny, tiny detail out of their coverage. You’ll never guess.!/donsurber/status/339046550078631938!/jeffemanuel/status/338982763996803073

The Fishwrap of Record wasn’t alone in slopping on the whitewash, of course.!/EduMontesin/status/338810357181194240

The violence and vandalism have now spread beyond Stockholm.!/shalimarguru/status/339047381070921728

Newsflash: It’s never enough. Open-borders welfare state Sweden is reaping what it has sown.!/nsroundtable/status/339054991803293696

Be sure to click the link and read the always-trenchant Bruce Bawer’s diagnosis of what ails Sweden.!/WrayPressley/status/339058878073417730


Fire + whitewash + P.C. = Riots in Sweden by mysterious ‘youths’

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