D.L. Hughley: Was Thomas Duncan initially denied treatment because he’s black?

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We’re beginning to understand why the comedian goes by @RealDLHughley on social media — it’s for the benefit of those of us who keep asking, “Is this guy for real?” Today Hughley is asking his followers if Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person diagnosed in the U.S. with Ebola, was initially denied treatment because he’s black or non-American.

Was Thomas Duncan, the 1st Ebola victim initially denied treatment b/c he was Black or Non-American? #DLQ @DLHughleyRadio

— DL Hughley (@RealDLHughley) October 6, 2014

Never mind that Duncan is fortunate to be treated at all, as the Liberian government says he lied on an airport questionnaire about having come into contact with an infected person.

@SFsportschick @RealDLHughley i wondered about this too. Why isn't he being cured like the two Dr's that came in last month or two!

— Mona (@MzMyaMona) October 6, 2014

@RealDLHughley : did not get treatment because he was non – American, black man with no health insurance.

— Hope Cooper (@Hope_Cooper) October 6, 2014

@RealDLHughley OMG! I'm certain because of his race & because he's not a citizen! This is so sad D.L.! :0(

— Cherry Yates-Velez (@Tawona) October 6, 2014

@RealDLHughley @DLHughleyRadio Both, they go hand in hand unfortunately. Sad commentary on health care

— Mike (@starchasermike) October 6, 2014

@RealDLHughley @DLHughleyRadio in the world I wish we were it'd be neither, he'd have the treatment, sadly in this world it could be both!

— FromtheMorgue (@From_the_Morgue) October 6, 2014

@RealDLHughley @DLHughleyRadio What abt good old fashioned American medical incompetence?Kills MANY people! But prejudice can't be ruled out

— Pam Acmenameco (@acwzywabit) October 6, 2014

Can we get a second opinion?

@RealDLHughley I don't believe either! U have no idea what other medical issues he may have OR what the SPECIFiC protocol is 4 the drug.

— Cyn (@Cyn190) October 6, 2014

Y'all pissed me off & I have 2 turn off. @RealDLHughley @jasminesanders @istevewilson Speculation & making this a race issue annoys me.

— Cyn (@Cyn190) October 6, 2014

@istevewilson @RealDLHughley @jasminesanders I work in medicine & I'm white. The goal is to save lives-no matter skin color or citizenship.

— Cyn (@Cyn190) October 6, 2014

@istevewilson @RealDLHughley @jasminesanders U don't have the specifics on any of these patients. This conversation is simply hateful IMO.

— Cyn (@Cyn190) October 6, 2014

@RealDLHughley absolutely disgusted with the question of the day. You'd sound much less ignorant blaming ObamaCare. Ridiculous.

— J Adam Broome (@JAdamBroome) October 6, 2014

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