Dana Loesch: Why is St. Louis spending thousands on gay pride lighting?


Radio host and CNN contributor Dana Loesch wants to know how St. Louis Alderman Shane Cohn justifies spending taxpayer money for “rainbow” lighting and flags placed at public buildings to celebrate the Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage:

St. Louis Alderman Shane Cohn, a Democrat, announced that Mayor Francis Slay has asked that rainbow-colored flags fly outside City Hall.

Cohn also expressed elation that the St. Louis City Civil Courts building was lit up in rainbow colors, hallmark colors of the movement.

Loesch is after some answers and doesn’t seem to be able to get them:


So far Cohn’s only justification has been that rainbow colors don’t single out any one group, but rather are a celebration of everybody, or something:


A tweeter has a question:


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