David Axelrod clings bitterly to ‘birther’ meme, looks forward to RNC circus


A circus? Didn’t anyone tell David Axelrod that the vice president isn’t going to Tampa after all?

A day following Mitt Romney’s joke about his birth certificate, Obama supporters still can’t seem to settle on a unified response. The official @BarackObama Twitter feed is quiet on the issue today, aside from another attempt to sell birth certificate mugs.

More than just a mug: http://t.co/bT3avDb0, pic.twitter.com/eVDJgZ08

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) August 25, 2012

President Obama’s former senior advisor, though, is sticking with the “birther” label and is apparently looking forward to Donald Trump’s surprise appearance at the Republican National Convention — which seems even less likely than Biden taking the stage. Trump is not on the schedule, and some doubt he was ever invited. Who’s wearing the clown shoes now?

The only circus in town is Obama's presidency: private sector is doing just fine, u didn't build that=imaginary recovery>>@davidaxelrod

— Crystal Wright (@GOPBlackChick) August 25, 2012

@davidaxelrod That's nice. Can we talk about the failed democrat fiscal policies now?

— Paul Tousignant (@Tooz125) August 25, 2012

@davidaxelrod You people have absolutely no sense of humor, either that or you're hypocrites.

— Robert Kelley (@robertknyc) August 25, 2012

@davidaxelrod Where do I buy peanuts to stick through Your cage?

— Jay Severin III (@Jay_Severin) August 25, 2012

@Jay_Severin @davidaxelrod Obama shilling birther mugs on twitter..good……Romney jokes about birth certificate…..holocaust

— pete theri (@petetheri) August 25, 2012


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