Dean Obeidallah apologizes to Romney grandchild ‘for being used as a prop’


Plenty are calling for an apology from MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry and her panel for their mockery of a Romney family photo on Sunday. What’s so funny about a family photo? The adopted grandchild is African-American, see, while everyone else in the photo is white. Now do you get it?

Dean Obeidallah was laughing along with the others on that panel, but he did apologize later — “to the baby for being used as a prop in a photo.”!/Deanofcomedy/status/417747703854923777

So the Romneys adopted the child to use as a prop in photos? Really? How deep does this hole go? Please, explain comedy to us.!/Deanofcomedy/status/417751852218740736

The comedy was in the photo? It certainly wasn’t coming from the panel.!/MileHighBecky/status/417779403746050048


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