Dennis Miller unloads on Obamacare ‘sinkhole’ in epic rant!/DennisDMZ/status/401136255129227264

Tell us how you really feel about Obamacare, Dennis. Don’t hold anything back.!/DennisDMZ/status/401139383954202624

How about that press conference today by President Obama? Didn’t that inspire any confidence?!/DennisDMZ/status/401141307763994624!/DennisDMZ/status/401144474836819968

Train wreck? It’s not just a train wreck.!/DennisDMZ/status/401145608238411776

Good advice, as always.!/DennisDMZ/status/401147160579682304


For the win: Dennis Miller issues ‘be on the lookout’ to those waiting for Obamacare to work

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