Dolphins trade Brandon Marshall to Bears!/JayGlazer/status/179656346248036352

On a day when NFL free agency is supposed to overshadow all other NFL news, the Dolphins and Bears decided to steal the spotlight and workout a blockbuster deal.

On Tuesday afternoon the Chicago Bears traded 2 third round picks to the Miami Dolphins for star receiver Brandon Marshall.

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall were teammates in Denver and seemed to be an unstoppable duo. This deal makes tons of sense for the Chicago bears, but we wonder what the Dolphins are thinking. Unless they convince Reggie Wayne to sign, why would Peyton Manning go to Miami when they just traded away their biggest weapon?

brandon marshall to DAAA Bears ruins miami's chances of gettin peyton

— AllDayCJ (@cj2OH1) March 13, 2012

Brandon Marshall to the Bears?! The start of free agency is like Christmas all over again!

— dillon beau (@Dillon_53) March 13, 2012

Hopefully Brandon Marshall doesn't drop the ball literally and figuratively

— Seph Ghini (@thelonghini) March 13, 2012!/InkIsMyDrug/status/179659769576030210

Brandon Marshall to the Bears for 2 3rd rounders? That seems unfair right there…

— Brent. (@b_huntley) March 13, 2012

Yo why the Miami Dolphins trade Brandon Marshall for two 3rd rounds to the Bears? Wtf they doin?!?!

— JZA (@Ay_Yo_Wood) March 13, 2012

#Bears trade for Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall. Nice move!! & they are going to go strong after Mario Williams in free agency! #DaBears

— Robert Miller (@RJMiller71) March 13, 2012

Looks like the Chicago bears are finally Gunna have a dominate receiver with the pickup of Brandon Marshall #watchout

— Ben Reed (@BReed_Reggie) March 13, 2012

@crotana Brandon Marshall >>>> Reggie Wayne. You don't trade the offense's #1 weapon to make room for another WR (that isn't as good).

— Nick Andron (@nandron) March 13, 2012!/Trigga3EP/status/179659726961905665

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