Early signs of Alzheimer’s? Dwyane Wade needs help getting dressed


Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade either has way too much free time or he’s just very forgetful. Above is a picture he tweeted containing all the items of clothing he must remember to wear.

As you can expect, some fans weren’t very nice to the NBA star when they saw his tweet.


@DwyaneWade Didn't realize they still sell the desert boots.. You get props just for that 🙂

— Sandra (@BigSerenaVeeFan) April 16, 2012

"@DwyaneWade: http://t.co/bcPwpqqw" It'd be more impressive if that were notes on how we're going to win the title this year #Heat

— Phil A. Sheo (@80_Degrees) April 16, 2012

@DwyaneWade u too old to be talking about swag

— Brian Tolliver (@BDT921) April 16, 2012

@DwyaneWade you have horrible handwriting.

— mily not miley. (@milyonaire) April 16, 2012

@DwyaneWade so you have your own personal stylist? or is that all you? haha ballin' list there.

— dana (@danaaltura) April 16, 2012

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