ESPN lies to viewers, #TebowFreeTV turns into a hoax!/martinyourbro/status/205297998538878977

For weeks ESPN has been promoting #TebowFreeTV during its hit debate show “First Take.” Twitchy first followed the popular hashtag way back in April.

In case you don’t follow ESPN’s hit debate show First Take, sports analyst Skip Bayless has a HUGE huge crush on Tim Tebow. His love for Tebow even goes way beyond John Madden’s love for Brett Favre.

During the two-hour show, Bayless has a habit to always mention Tebow multiple times throughout several arguments. Not only has it started to get REALLY annoying, ESPN has turned it into a running joke. On Monday’s show the network ran a contest to see just how badly fans would love to see 24-hours of Tim Tebow free television.

The contest was a clear success and eventually led us to today when viewers were supposed to be treated to 24-hours of ESPN television without a single mention of Tim Tebow.

Guess what? ESPN lied to everyone.

Apparently the network decided to change the rules which allows everyone to talk about Tim Tebow except First Take’s Skip Bayless.

My dreams have come true #TebowFreeTV but WHY in the HELL are they talking about Tebow to start the show.

— Calvin Byrd (@CByrd44) May 23, 2012

We were tricked, we were told #TebowFreeTV today at @ESPN_FirstTake but instead only Skip cant talk about him everybody else will -.-

— Not Human (@AlexNoBueno) May 23, 2012

I thought #TebowFreeTV meant NOBODY on ESPN First Take could talk about Tim Tebow. What a rip-off. Don't wanna hear the kid's name

— Brandon Scott (@mrbrandonscott) May 23, 2012

@espn this #tebowfreetv show is a joke…false advertising

— Adam Nolan (@BowlinNolan24) May 23, 2012

#TebowFreeTV is such a joke. If they can still talk about tebow then its not really Tebow free.

— Elle (@laurenluvsfenty) May 23, 2012

I thought #TebowFreeTV would mean zero talk about Tebow….. The hell?

— Jason McCullough (@JasonMcCulla) May 23, 2012

Even when Skip can't talk about Tebow, First take still manages to talk about it for 2hrs. #TebowFreeTV … yeah right

— Juan Hunter (@IJuan_YouLost) May 23, 2012

For this to be #TEBOWFREETV they are still talking Tebow too much 😒 Skip shouldn't be the only one not saying it, nobody talk about Tebow!

— ChillTrillClinton (@followDJ) May 23, 2012

Really stupid to have #tebowfreetv and you are still talking about the dude @espn_firsttake #pointless….turns the channel

— This Respek Wear ™ (@ThisRespekWear) May 23, 2012

I wish all of ESPN was #tebowfreetv and not just Skip Bayless.

— Mike Aparicio (@peruvianidol) May 23, 2012

@ESPN_FirstTake They are not even debating anymore #TebowFreeTV is FULL tebow. And the american people are sick of it

— Jeremy Staples (@ChiefSkanderbeg) May 23, 2012

To be fair, not EVERYONE is disappointed with ESPN’s false advertising. Some fans of the show are happy to see Skip Bayless getting tortured by not being allowed to say Tebow’s name.

Finally! @RealSkipBayless isn't allowed to say "Tebow" #TebowFreeTV

— Chris Purcell (@cpurcell18) May 23, 2012

@RealSkipBayless not being able to say Tim Tebow all day.Hahaha this is too funny, hold back the tears skip! #Espn #TebowFreeTV

— Erik Visco (@eazyEvisco) May 23, 2012


— Mike Palko (@MikePalko21) May 23, 2012

Thank God For #TebowFreeTV I Mean @RealSkipBayless You My Guy And All But Jus Give Timmy A Break Son

— ▲Illuminati GOD▲ (@_TheRedRangerXO) May 23, 2012

LOL at #FirstTake i'm loving this episode #TebowFreeTV good job!

— Deadlifts & Dranks (@KravenMoHead) May 23, 2012

#TebowFreeTV is the best TV

— Ryan Hodges (@RPHodgesTTG) May 23, 2012

Some tweeps really couldn’t care less Tebow, but they loved having an opportunity to taunt the arrogant ESPN personality.

Hey @RealSkipBayless, Tebow! Tebow! Tebow! Tebow! Tebow! Tebow! Tebow! Tebow! Tebow! Tebow! Tebow! Tebow! Tebow! Tebow! Tebow! #TebowFreeTV

— Thai $ (@DJTHAImyshoes) May 23, 2012

LOL @RealSkipBayless is losing his mind since he cant talk about #Tebow #TEBOWFREETV

— X-Lonte91-X (Ps4) (@Its_Lonte) May 23, 2012

In the end, ESPN lying to viewers and turning #TebowFreeTV into non-stop Tebow talk apparently paid off. The hashtag remained a top worldwide trend for the better part of Wednesday.

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