Even Adults Can Use These 13 Baby Items, Too. This Is Just Genius.

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If you call someone “thrifty,” you probably think they’re just cheap. That’s just not true. Cleverly using the resources you have is thrifty, too. If you’ve ever been a parent (or know any parents), you should be aware of the genius things you can do with baby products.

Just because we’ve technically “grown up” doesn’t mean we should stop pampering ourselves like the precious cargo we all used to be. In fact, there are several baby products that are surprisingly useful even after you’ve finished teething. 

Take a look at how you can protect yourself from the sun, soothe sensitive skin and more with these infant intended items.

1.) Baby wipes make great make-up removers.

2.) Use baby oil to remove stubborn waterproof mascara.

3.) Gripe water can help young and old with upset stomachs.

4.) Hungover? Try some Pedialyte.

5.) Looking for a low calorie snack? These Puffs can really hit the spot.

6.) This nipple butter is also great for chapped lips.

7.) Diaper rash cream includes zinc oxide which can be used as sunscreen, wrinkle cream and help heal minor scrapes.

8.) Baby eczema lotion is great for adults suffering from extra dry skin.

9.) Hitting the beach? Baby powder is super helpful in removing sand from your body.

10.) Baby sunscreen is powerful and able to gently protect adults from the harmful rays just as well as babies.

11.) De-tangling spray can also be used as a leave-in conditioner.

12.) Adults with sensitive skin should try baby laundry detergent. It’s just as effective but with a much gentler result.

13.) Safely wash your more delicate fabrics with baby shampoo.

(via BuzzFeed.)

Why should babies be the only ones with great skin anyway? Don’t throw away your baby items once your kids don’t need them any more. You can use them all up yourself!

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