‘Every Rock the Vote campaign’ in one image [pic]


People are talking about Rock The Vote thanks to the “nightmare fuel” Twitchy reported on earlier. ‘Nightmare fuel’: Lena Dunham sheds her pants for the lady parts vote 

CuffyMeh summed up every one of these campaigns with a single image.

Every #RockTheVote campaign ever. pic.twitter.com/VsD7Xxgooj

— Cuffé (@CuffyMeh) October 7, 2014


@cuffymeh @debeauxos1 Music Band

— David Hicks (@ALL_CAPS) October 7, 2014

@ALL_CAPS Groovy. @CuffyMeh

— deBeauxOs (@deBeauxOs1) October 7, 2014

@CuffyMeh Steve Buscemi could probably convince me to vote for a candidate.

— Anders R. Viane (@AndersViane) October 7, 2014

@CuffyMeh @iowahawkblog Dems have 2 get 'em while they're young & stupid. No real life experience & never paid income taxes. Ripe 4 pickin'

— Sierra0559 (@Sierra0559) October 7, 2014

But we love Music Band.


Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/10/07/every-rock-the-vote-campaign-in-one-image-pic/

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