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Dems got shellacked at the polls yesterday, that’s not in doubt. But now comes the analysis to figure out who’s at fault.

Could it possibly be a president whose policies are quite unpopular? NAH!!!

According to Twitchy regular Donna Brazile, it’s that the candidates ran away from those policies and away from the president:

Oh really?

Exactly.If anything, the big races that Dems lost yesterday werebecause of their embrace of President Obama’s policies or the embrace of future Dem policies.

Let’s recap…

In Kentucky, Matt Bevin won the governorship with a promise to roll back Obamacare — what Hillary Clinton says is swell:

With an African-American woman as running mate, no less:

Houston’s “HERO” equal-rightsordinance — also championed by Hillary Clinton — lost big, too:

Earlier in the day Clinton even sparred with Texas Governor Greg Abbott over it:

Marijuana in Ohio — a favorite topic of Bernie Sanders? Up in smoke:

Sanctuary cities were up for a vote in San Francisco. Another loss:

With Terry McAuliffe’s embrace of more gun-control legislation in the news and millions spent by Michael Bloomberg on anti-gun ads, the GOP kept control of the Virginia sate senate:

And let’s not forget the Dem push for a $15-per-hour minimum wage. Another loss:

The one bright spot for Dems last night was in Pennsylvania where they now have a majority on the state Supreme Court. Brazile writes that their win was because of an Obama direct mail piece:

Meh. The GOP was criticized for giving up on these races early on:

And a Republican Tea Party extremist did win the special election for state senator in the 37th district:

We’ll end it with this. President Obama was golfing the Saturday before the election and not doing a thing to help any of the Dem candidates who lost big on Tuesday:

Sorry, Donna. Dems have a problem and it is the president.

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