Forgot the ‘I’: One Direction fans trend misspelled version of the band’s name!/EugeniaC727/status/369129349741436928

Fans of the band One Direction caused the band’s name to trend Sunday. The only problem is a slight spelling error.!/Nys_Nandos69/status/369142663355707392

The “I” is missing.!/Official1D_PHIL/status/369125838228160512!/kinkshire/status/369142770327244800

Some One Direction fans were embarrassed over the error.!/CRAIC_LARRY/status/369142014421397505!/mafe_aguayo/status/369147157825069056

This is apparently not the first misspelled trend by One Direction fans.!/solveigjonas/status/369146432340516865!/OrangyStyles/status/369147446183473152

Better luck next time.

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