Fro-mentum: Bill De Blasio campaign urges voters to #GoWithTheFro!/deBlasioNYC/status/372429810770796545

For as much fun as the country has had coming up with headlines and campaign slogans featuring the name “Weiner,” it took a special effort for New York mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio to come up with something that could compete. How about #GoWithTheFro? Who doesn’t love his son Dante’s epic mane?!/BrianPinDC/status/371285917866397696

It’s not the first time a hairstyle has been part of a political campaign, but at least John “Silky Pony” Edwards was running on the strength of his own locks.!/RussOnPolitics/status/372462394078810112!/johnbonazzo/status/372430195526864896!/joshgreenman/status/372516205837684736!/draculapuppet/status/372310441197715456

The New York Times found itself unwittingly stepping into controversial territory with its description of Dante’s afro as “oversize.”!/fitnr/status/372446360970080256

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