Funny, because it’s true! SNL Obama skit: ‘I don’t know how money works’!/MichiganTaxes/status/308073225655549952

Zing! “Saturday Night Live” took on President Obama last night.

You know It’s bad when even #SNL calls bullshit on Obama.

— Bob Carlin (@BobCarlin1) March 3, 2013

Bad or oh-so-good? Twitter users were loving it.

I already like this SNL because they started by making fun of Obama

— Jamison Shields (@jamison719) March 3, 2013

Just turned on #SNL and theyre off to a great start with this #Obama sequester skit.

— Michael Hirn (@mhirn3) March 3, 2013

I believe SNL has turned on Obama….loved the opening tonight

— Chad (@chadhohner) March 3, 2013

The #SNL opening straight up mocked Pres Obama hard on the sequester! Mocked, was the nicest word I could find to described that SNL skit..

— Brittany Heil(@BrittanyUSC2011) March 3, 2013

OMG! This opening sketch on SNL is hilarious! Jay Pharoh as Barak Obama is amazing.Using YMCA to talk about the Sequester sooo goood!

— Michael Valente (@Valente9599) March 3, 2013

That sequester bit by JP as Obama was too hilarious. #SNL

— Henry Olabode (@oholabode) March 3, 2013

OMG there may be hope yet! Saturday Night Live is coming down on Obama for #sequestration

— UpTheRiver (@UpTheRiverJBPD3) March 3, 2013

Obama #SNL #Ymca budget cut opening: too great for words.

— Susan Houser (@sfhouser) March 3, 2013

Mediaite has a video clip; Watch and giggle madly.

Awesome.SNL’s Obama Admits He Has ‘No Idea How Money Works,’ Tries To Explain Cuts Anyway (VIDEO) via @mediaite

— Lynn (@clselman) March 3, 2013

More from Mediaite:

Saturday Night Live opened tonight’s episode taking on the big sequestration fight in Congress, with Jay Pharaoh as President Obama admitting to the American people that “I really have no idea how money works or how budgets work,” but did his best to explain to the American people the real-world effects of the budget cuts.

Of course, Obama helped put all this into perspective by saying we’ll forget this in a month because we’ll have an even worse crisis to deal with.

Heh. Forward!

Twitter users point out their favorites lines and continue to giggle madly.

Pharoah’s Obama on #SNL: “Since I don’t know how the budget or money work, I’ll talk about this crisis in human terms…”#soundsaboutright

— Andrew Ludlow (@drewludlow) March 3, 2013

President Obama doesn’t know how the budget or money works. #SNL

— Discord (@DlSCORD) March 3, 2013

SNL just did a great skit on POTUS.”I have no idea how money works, or budgets, so I can’t explain how sequester works.”

— Bryan Grimes (@brg247) March 3, 2013

#SNL opens w/actor Obama stating he has no idea how money works. Michelle will only be allowed 4 TV appearances/wk instead of usual 75. #LOL

— Brigette Rodriguez (@brodflightcrew) March 3, 2013

#snl spot on Obama has no knowledge on how money economy works while both king and queen care more about rubbing Hollywood shoulders #POTUS

— G P (@GP237) March 3, 2013

SNL was actually funny!!! #SequesterApocalypse:Obama Admits He Has ‘No Idea How Money Works,’

— El SOOPer!! (@SooperMexican) March 3, 2013

Hysterical. Sometimes SNL nails it! Obama on the sequester……

— ShannonJoy (@ShannonJoyRadio) March 3, 2013

Not everyone found it so hysterical, of course. The truth hurts. Waah!

Fun Fact: The Obama #SNL opener was not only vapid but entirely unfunny just like all their other lame attempts to parody a serious man.

— Fortress Jade (@OpressedProgess) March 3, 2013

#SNL wasn’t funny at all tonight. The racial jokes made me uncomfortable. The fake Obama is horrible, I rather a white guy in blk face.

— Ebony (@EbonyBlack) March 3, 2013

Sigh. Raaaaacist! Pitiful whining aside, the skit was a win on Twitter.

The opening #snl skit with Obama and the village people was #genius

— Eric Wolkstein (@EricWolkstein) March 3, 2013


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