Gaza defenders, Hamas supporters call for Iran, others to bomb, nuke Israel!/MSLFC22/status/269451412168126464

The battle being waged between Israel and Hamas has shone a spotlight on vicious anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. The dregs of society are continuing to crawl out from under their filthy rocks, calling on Iran to bomb Israel and nuke the Jewish State off the map:

#iran please bomb israel

— Hashim Rolay (@HashimRolay) November 14, 2012

IRAN should hurry up nd finish thr Nuclear Bomb nd throw it in Israel!

— The Humble One (@daldino) November 14, 2012

Iran please fucking go bomb the fuck out of Israel.

— Shoayb Ajmal – شعيب (@shoayb786) November 15, 2012

Dear Iran, please push a button and bomb Israel. Yours sincerely, The world.

— P (@Peaks94) November 16, 2012

@hirschys hope and pray Iran will nuke Israel the Evil murdering filthy devils

— honey (@MSLFC22) November 16, 2012

Can Iran accidentally nuke #Israel now? I mean it’s about time! #gaza

— Gaza(@adhee17) November 15, 2012

israel…. if I were Iran,I’d nuke that…. #gaza #prayforgaza

— A’ishaa Shariff (@Aish_25) November 15, 2012

I wish iran would nuke Israel . Dont provoke someone then get mad when they kill your people like you did to theres

— Đam!r (@El_Nubee) November 15, 2012

can’t wait for Iran to nuke Israel #unpopularopinions

— dwayne (@philiplovesyou) November 16, 2012

I hope Iran bomb the shit out of Israel

— Toby Clements (@Tobias_Sullivan) November 15, 2012

@kolisraelorg Iran will strike Israel, Russia will support Iran and america will do fuck all… Israel nuke power station goes BOOM…

— NovaCygni (@Nova_Cygni) November 15, 2012

@seanofkelly I hope they blowup the nuke power station and finish Israel of once and for all, Israel is a disrace, land stealing warmonger!

— NovaCygni (@Nova_Cygni) November 15, 2012

I beg iran just drop an atomic bomb on israel…

— 80’s Baby (@80sWeWorking) November 15, 2012

Israel can suck my dick…Iran should bomb ya’ll ASAP!!!

— Mr.GranDaddySaveaHoe (@ThatFunkyBoii) November 16, 2012

Others don’t care who pushes the button, as long as the button gets pushed:

All we can do is #prayforGaza .If you want to make a different, study hard, become the minister of defence, and then nuke the zionist israel

— Khairul Nazlee (@ThisIsNotKerol) November 15, 2012

I say we nuke Israel. Or atleast find a way to bring all their leaders to some place and send them to fucking oblivion.

— basil bashier (@babl0bicass0) November 15, 2012

Israel are the victims? They’ve been bombing Gaza for years and they have the gall to say they’re under attack! Just nuke them already.

— Qasim Lugia Mahmood (@ToastQ) November 15, 2012

why don’t we just bomb that Israel Laknatullah ?? they are so inhumanity

— NA ツ (@yunhuha) November 16, 2012

fuck israel! wankers!!! nuke the bastards

— pete(@pete1488) November 15, 2012

Someone please go and bomb Israel!!!

— ADRIANA ♚ (@adrianahanafi) November 15, 2012

@carouselcarouse Time to nuke Israel.

— Michael Carrillo (@diz1776) November 15, 2012

Fuck Israel !! Nuke Israel !!!

— Jung Gehr (@Madbugginbutt) November 16, 2012

Nuke em RT @loopyloo305 Americans Stand with Israel: BREAKING: @idfspokesman: We Are Ready to Invade, Gaza Will Not …

— Youxia88 (@Youxia88) November 15, 2012

Tbh the only way to stop israel is to nuke em or resurrect Hitler..they don’t giv a fuck about petitions or RT’s!

— Shay (@Shy_Man86) November 15, 2012

Any #jewish person in #israel that thinks god will reward then for killing jesus and #genocide in #gaza will see a light, light from a nuke

— Pete James (@Wake_U_UP) November 15, 2012

These people want to do the deed themselves:

I wish I was rich so I can have my own army and nuke the fuck out of israel

— Biggie (@biggiesafa17) November 15, 2012

#IfItWasUpToMe I would blow israel off the world map. #nuke the fuckers

— Wazza (@bajman212) November 16, 2012

I wanna wipe Israel off the map. Literally nuke the whole country. Maybe not the innocents but the majority Zionists #pray4Gaza

— Karmelle (@OmarHashi) November 15, 2012


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