Greg Gutfeld speculates: ‘If Andy Levy gets Ebola…’


TV’s Andy Levy has a reputation for being sort of a homebody. That often makes him a target for Greg Gutfeld

If @andylevy gets Ebola, don't worry about it spreading.

— GregGutfeld (@greggutfeld) October 12, 2014


@greggutfeld @andylevy Cats should be worried…😂

— ImNamedJames (@ImNamedJames) October 12, 2014

@greggutfeld @andylevy unless it spreads to his cats and then it's I am legend time

— Loren S. Casuto, Esq (@LorenSCasuto) October 12, 2014

@greggutfeld @andylevy What about feline Ebola?

— Phillip McGuire (@PhillipCMcGuire) October 12, 2014

Andy strikes back.

@greggutfeld if i get ebola i will vomit down on your head

— andy levy (@andylevy) October 12, 2014

That’s probably the grossest short joke ever.




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