Hard-hitting debate analysis: James Lipton discusses Romney’s sweat on MSNBC


Alas, it’s no joke. MSNBC just keeps finding new sharks to jump. Today, they brought on James Lipton, host of “Inside the Actor’s Studio,” as a post-debate analyst. Yes, really. Lipton was last seen on MSNBC after the second presidential debate, where he referred to President Obama as Gary Cooper-esque.

@andykindler James Lipton? Who’s next, Ron Burgundy?

— Mark Duwe (@markduwe) October 23, 2012

Why the hell is james Lipton doing political commentary

— james debello (@jimmydebello) October 23, 2012

Great questions.

Lipton appeared on MSNBC’s “NOW with Alex Wagner” to discuss Romney’s body language at last night’s debate:

James Lipton: They key word here is sweatiness – Romney had that problem before #NowWithAlex

— NowWithAlex (@NowWithAlex) October 23, 2012

James Lipton: I sensed Romney had stage fright. It becomes apparent with sweat. Romney did not seem comfortable #NowWithAlex

— NowWithAlex (@NowWithAlex) October 23, 2012

James Lipton: Romney experienced Flop Sweat, Stage Fright, was CLEARLY uncomfortable & LOST his timing almost completely. #LynnDebate

— SheSheGo (@SheSheGo) October 23, 2012

James Lipton: Timing is very important – Romney’s was impeccable in the first debate, but far from that in this last debate #NowWithAlex

— NowWithAlex (@NowWithAlex) October 23, 2012

James Lipton: Romney sounded like a Luddite! #NowWithAlex

— NowWithAlex (@NowWithAlex) October 23, 2012

Just now on @nowwithalex, James Lipton: With anachronistic language (golly, gosh, “Why, …”) Romney sounded like a Luddite! #debate

— John Ryan Chaffin (@jchaffin87) October 23, 2012

James Lipton says Romney “sounded like a luddite, and he began to sound old.” @nowwithalex

— Joy Reid (@TheReidReport) October 23, 2012

James Lipton: I think Obama is unhappy with Romney, and he’s not trying to disguise it. Besides, a new Romney keeps showing up. #NowWithAlex

— NowWithAlex (@NowWithAlex) October 23, 2012

James Lipton: Romney is as elusive as a phantom – and that’s very annoying as a debater #NowWithAlex

— NowWithAlex (@NowWithAlex) October 23, 2012

Not nearly as annoying as having to listen to James Lipton do political analysis. And, if we’re being honest, Obama’s entire political career is based on his elusiveness.

A little gift for Mr. Lipton after his masterful debate wraps for #NowWithAlex. He’s a big fan and collector of whales twitter.com/NowWithAlex/st…

— NowWithAlex (@NowWithAlex) October 23, 2012

It’s no surprise he’s such a whale fan, considering his own very active blowhole.

You can watch the “analysis” here.

Liberal viewers totally squee’d over Lipton’s performance:

Amen to James Lipton. A diffent Romney show up for diffent event.

— Veronica Rozier (@NicaRozier) October 23, 2012

“There’s a term of art we have in theater… It’s called ‘sweatiness.” How do you not love James Lipton??? @nowwithalex

— Joy Reid (@TheReidReport) October 23, 2012

How? It’s pretty easy, actually.

James Lipton just said what I’ve always thought about Romney: he’s that boss you just couldn’t stand.

— Tom Watson (@tomwatson) October 23, 2012

Luv him MT @thereidreport: “Romney..the min you think you got him pinned down he disappears in a puff of smoke and mirrors.” James Lipton

— Robbi62 (@Robbi62) October 23, 2012

James Lipton is the man ! he has such good insight. I could listen to him for hours. Lipton is right Romney was off balance and confused.

— Roberto Fuego(@BookerT48) October 23, 2012

You’re in luck. When you listen to James Lipton, it always feels like he’s talking for hours.

@nextwithalex I love James Lipton! You have to bring him back soon. Great analysis.

— Wendi(@tucheer83) October 23, 2012

Yes, I always enjoy him RT @2make1thing: James Lipton is a wise man. @nowwithalex

— Pat120 (@Pat120) October 23, 2012

James Lipton needs to have a permanent segment on #MSNBC #NowWithAlex

— Rita A (@ritaag) October 23, 2012

Or not.

I say next election, we just get James Lipton to moderate all of the debates…

— Mutant Ninja Turtle (@crazybutgenius) October 23, 2012

We can see it now: “President Romney, what is your favorite curse word?”

Meanwhile, conservatives called the entire spectacle out for what it was: complete B.S.

Romney labeled Obama friends of the worlds worst actors. So naturally MSNBC has James Lipton on.

— S.M (@redsteeze) October 23, 2012

Like an appointment for a colonoscopy… RT @lukerussert: James Lipton on @nowwithalex MSNBC now is appointment TV

— Shane (@Sarge_87) October 23, 2012

Oh for crying out loud. MSNBC is discussing “flop sweat” re the debates.

— Jay Caruso (@jaycaruso) October 23, 2012

It’s all about the issues.

Ed Rendell is sitting there listening to James Lipton and his face says, “This is the stupidest thing ever. Get me out of here.”

— Jay Caruso (@jaycaruso) October 23, 2012

Since when is the guy from the actor’s studio a political consultant?

— BiasedGirl (@BiasedGirl) October 23, 2012

Since the dimwits at MSNBC bestowed that title on him, apparently.

Scrumtrulescent RT @bdayspring It’s amusing to me that #MSNBC has turned James Lipton into a political commentator. Just bizarre.

— Brian Beutler (@brianbeutler) October 23, 2012

Looking forward to the end of James Lipton: Cable News Political Correspondent

— Matt Berman (@Mr_Berman) October 23, 2012

So are we.

James Lipton just called Romney a “luddite” on MSNBC. self-satire now.

— John Nolte(@NolteNC) October 23, 2012


From proponents of windmills RT @noltenc: James Lipton just called Romney a “luddite” on MSNBC. self-satire now

— Joseph A. Tranfo (@JATranfo) October 23, 2012

Dear James Lipton. Profit Creating > Prophet Creating.

— S.M (@redsteeze) October 23, 2012

Exactly. Lipton can pretend to his heart’s content that he is qualified to perform legitimate political analysis, but, in reality, he’s doing nothing more than sycophantically praising the biggest actor of them all: Barack Obama.

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