Hazmat teams finally disassemble Ebola patient’s apartment [photos]

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Earlier this week we watched in disbelief as one man in a T-shirt power-washed vomit from the sidewalk in front of Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan. Good news: legitimate cleanup crews wearing hazmat gear finally went into the apartment today and cleaned out mattresses, towels and the like.

Sana Syed, public information officer for the City of Dallas, was on hand to capture the event in photos.

Another container going up. pic.twitter.com/L0qce1E8z8

— Sana Syed (@dallaspiosana) October 3, 2014


— Sana Syed (@dallaspiosana) October 3, 2014

First drum is in the trailer. pic.twitter.com/6PdSUMRCba

— Sana Syed (@dallaspiosana) October 3, 2014

The people here from @1500Marilla @DallasFireRes_q @DallasPD and hazmat have dubbed ourselves the make shit happen crew

— Sana Syed (@dallaspiosana) October 3, 2014

In first container: linens, clothes. Mattress cut up and triple bagged. Tied up.

— Sana Syed (@dallaspiosana) October 3, 2014

Phase I wrapping up pic.twitter.com/ErTQV9ciBZ

— Sana Syed (@dallaspiosana) October 3, 2014

Decon of boots pic.twitter.com/ZMIY02EZcT

— Sana Syed (@dallaspiosana) October 3, 2014

Phase I is done. Next phase is cutting up box spring. pic.twitter.com/qW5J3N3hy4

— Sana Syed (@dallaspiosana) October 3, 2014

More drums have arrived pic.twitter.com/uU91O1vayh

— Sana Syed (@dallaspiosana) October 3, 2014

Judge Jenkins drove the family to new location. Mayor Rawlings was there to welcome them. Mayor says it was emotional.

— Sana Syed (@dallaspiosana) October 4, 2014

CNN reports that Duncan’s partner, Louise, and the other occupants of the apartment have been moved into a private 4-bedroom residence in Dallas, which was arranged with the help of someone in the local faith-based community.

@judgeClayJ says he and @Mike_Rawlings both called a friend in the faith community who found the house.

— Calvert Collins (@CalvertFOX4) October 4, 2014

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