He Was Doing An Election Experiment When A Woman Approached And Changed Everything

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There are a wide variety of social experiments on Youtube that give us insight into how people really think.

From videos about sexual harassment to vandalism and stranger danger, it’s fascinating to see how others react when put in extreme versions of situations that happen every day. These experiments can also help restore your faith in humanity, because they remind us that people often do the right thing and step up to help others.

People experiencing homelessness are in a kind of limbo where they are simultaneously seen and not seen. When Ryan Hamilton of HammyTV asked people for money with a cardboard sign reading “$1 and I Won’t Vote Trump,” he thought he was getting insight into voters’ preferences this election season. What he got instead was a much more meaningful interaction.

When an actual homeless woman approached him, her generosity and heartbreaking story surprised everyone involved.

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This is a sobering reminder that behind all the yelling about election issues there are real people who will continue to need help from others no matter who becomes our president. Always remember to be kind!

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