Here Are 19 Reasons Why You Should Never Ever Mess With Nature. It’s a Beautiful Yet Brutal Thing.

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These 19 amazing photographs taken during or after natural disasters show the destructive power of mother nature. From stunning pictures of supercell thunderstorms in the US to volcanic eruptions in Iceland, these images truly are breathtakingly awesome. They also happen to be very, very brutal.

1) Eyjafjallajokull volcano eruption, 2010 (Iceland)

2) Landslide destroys Highway 1 in California, 2011 (US)

3) Supercell storm moving across northeast Nebraska, 2004 (US)

4) Catastrophic earthquake destroys the town of Léogâne, 2010 (Haiti)

5) Undersea volcano erupts near the island of Hunga Tonga, 2009 ( Tonga)

6) A large and deadly wildfire in Montana, 2000 (US)

7) Hurricane Sandy batters a pier in New Jersey, 2012 (US)

8) Mount St. Helens erupts, 1980 (US)

9) Two men get around in a boat in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, 2005 (US)

10) Japanese home drifts in the ocean after 9.0 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami, 2011 (Japan)

11) A massive river of lava flows into the ocean around Hawaii, 2009 (US)

12) Young man gets marooned by flood waters following a monsoon, 2010 (Pakistan)

13) Huge crack in a highway after a 6.9-magnitude earthquake hit Negros and Cebu, 2012 (Philippines)

14) Monsoon Rain on the Jamuna river, 2006 (India)

15) Supercell thunderstorm in Montana, 2010 (US)

16) Ash clouds above The Buang Valley on the upper ridge of the Mayon Volcano, 1984 (Philippines)

17) Volcano erupts during storms in the middle of the night, 2008 (Chile)

18) Double cyclone photographed from space, 2006 (Iceland)

19) Lightning storm in Roswell, New Mexico, 2010 (US)

One thing’s for sure. I’m never going to question nature’s power over its inhabitants. Share these amazing photographs with your friends below.

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