Here Are The 31 Best Incidents Of Irony Ever Photographed. #9 Must Be Some Kind Of Cruel Joke.

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Sometimes, people fail so spectacularly, it’s almost a success. What you’re about to see are some of the most ironic photographs anyone has ever taken of people and their various fails. They’re so awesome it’s hard to believe these were completely unplanned. People may argue over the definition of irony and its uses. (Is a situation ironic? Or is it coincidental?) Whether these images are truly ironic or not, one thing is certain: they are absolutely hilarious.

1.) He didn’t see that one coming.

2.) Hey, she tried.

3.) Pictured here: the opposite of minimalism.

4.) Those flames are so cool, they almost look REAL. … oh.

5.) Roofing fail.

6.) Shhh. He’s focusing on his book.

7.) It’s called a Smoke Alarm. Not a Won’t Catch On Fire Alarm.

8.) Oops.

9.) You TEASE.

10.) Do you really need to make printing this email even worse for the environment?

11.) Tow trucks gonna tow.

12.) “If only we could find some corrosion resistant materials…”

13.) Even that sign’s field goal is looking a little short.

14.) Anti-tip kits are prone to tipping.

15.) At least they won’t need to travel to investigate this one.

16.) Literally.

17.) Now you’re just being sassy, sign.

18.) They’re so serious, they even enforce themselves.

19.) You had ONE job, adhesives!

20.) PSHT, I don’t need your help sign.

21.) It’s not that they can’t repair it. They just won’t.

22.) If you build it, they will plan. … or not.

23.) You’re just trying to make me mad, frying pan.

24.) So meta.

25.) This dog has a great sense of humor.

26.) Someone needs to use some Gorilla Glue.

27.) Challenge accepted.

28.) Sharp scissors that you need sharp scissors to use. 🙁

29.) But it’s not wide enough.

30.) Well, that’s kind of embarrassing.

31.) One man found this after dumping his girlfriend. Ouch.

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