Hey, girl! Ryan at CPAC: ‘Nice to be in a room full of conservatives for a change’


Rep. Paul Ryan delivered his CPAC speech this morning and started off by zinging his own party: “Nice to be in a room full of conservatives for a change.”

Paul Ryan:”It’s great to be in a room full of Conservatives for a change” He sure is right. #tcot #CPAC2013 twitter.com/l0ftzilla/stat…

— Jake Loft (@l0ftzilla) March 15, 2013

Unlike Donald Trump’s flop, Ryan’s speech was standing room only.

Standing room only for @reppaulryan #CPAC2013

— Kira Ayn Davis (@KiraAynDavis) March 15, 2013

it looks like twitter is about to blow up with some big ol Paul Ryan twitter love #cpac2013

— Katy Abram (@katyabram) March 15, 2013

More from his CPAC address:

Crowd greets Cong Paul Ryan – and mention of his hometown of Janesville, WI – with enthusiastic applause and standing o at #cpac2013.

— Steve Edwards (@dailyedwardian) March 15, 2013

Hey girl. It’s Paul Ryan #cpac2013 #swoon twitter.com/JadeNicolePerr…

— Jade Nicole Perry (@JadeNicolePerry) March 15, 2013

Ryan: “This has been a great week. We got white smoke from the Vatican. And we got a budget from the Senate.” #CPAC

— Aaron Blake (@AaronBlakeWP) March 15, 2013

Ryan on Dem budget: “The Vatican’s not the only place blowing smoke this week.” #cpac2013

— Pema Levy (@pemalevy) March 15, 2013

Paul Ryan (R-WI): “Today we’re not talking about cliffs, or sequesters. We’re talking about solutions.” #CPAC2013

— Adam Savader (@adamsavader) March 15, 2013

Paul Ryan on balancing the budget: “Stop spending money we don’t have; it’s that simple.” If only they understood. #CPAC2013

— #RepublicanGirlProbs (@RepubGrlProbs) March 15, 2013

“Every family lives on a budget and so should Washington.” -Congressman Paul Ryan #CPAC2013 #commonsense

— Joe Oleksak (@jaoleksak) March 15, 2013

Ryan: “We’re not balancing the budget as an accounting exercise… we’re trying to improve people’s lives.” #CPAC2013

— Michal Conger (@MichalConger) March 15, 2013

Another one-liner that went over well with the audience:

The President says we are in recovery, but I say we are in critical care says Ryan at #CPAC2013

— Laine Milam (@lainemilam) March 15, 2013

Paul Ryan: We’re on a verge of a debt crisis. #CPAC2013

— Laura Byrne (@Byrne_Notices) March 15, 2013

#CPAC: Ryan – the government is saying that if we save and plan ahead, we’re suckers. #TWTC13CPAC

— Al Maurer (@acmaurer50) March 15, 2013

Paul Ryan: We have to grow the economy. #CPAC2013

— Laura Byrne (@Byrne_Notices) March 15, 2013

Paul Ryan: Our debt is a sign of overreach and a sign that the govt. is doing too much. #CPAC2013

— Sarah Muro (@SarahMuro) March 15, 2013

Ryan on the nat’l debt: “We have to tackle this problem before it tackles us.”

— David Freddoso (@freddoso) March 15, 2013

Ryan: “When govt does too much, it doesn’t do anything well.”

— David Freddoso (@freddoso) March 15, 2013

Paul Ryan speaking #CPAC13. We have to fix entitlements. We need to make govt leaner. Duty of govt is to secure rights

— MyGovCost (@mygovcost) March 15, 2013

#CPAC: Ryan – we find our fulfillment in our communities, our relationships with other people, not in government #TWTC13CPAC

— Al Maurer (@acmaurer50) March 15, 2013

Paul Ryan: Leaders don’t just speak up. They listen too. #CPAC2013

— Laura Byrne (@Byrne_Notices) March 15, 2013

Ryan pointing to private initiative to create jobs, not gov bailouts or intrusion. “Work gives people more than a paycheck” #CPAC2013

— Laine Milam (@lainemilam) March 15, 2013

Ryan: Government must work for them not against them. But first, government must work. #CPAC

— Faith Goldy (@FaithGoldy) March 15, 2013

“Chaos is fertile soil for liberalism” -Paul Ryan #Cpac2013

— matt whitlock (@mattdizwhitlock) March 15, 2013

Ryan on his budget @ #cpac: “our budget offers an end to the brinksmanship, it restores regular order”

— jimrutenberg (@jimrutenberg) March 15, 2013

“We trim government back to its proper size, we reduce the budget.” -Paul Ryan #CPAC2013

— Jackie Wellfonder (@princy_lyn) March 15, 2013

So, how’d he do? Conservative viewers loved the speech:

Paul Ryan (R-WI) gets a huge standing ovation as he concludes his speech here at #CPAC2013!

— Adam Savader (@adamsavader) March 15, 2013

#Ryan absolutely owns this crowd. #cpac

— Ellen Kolb (@nhflatlander) March 15, 2013

@pryan electrifying the crowd with: “They are the party of shared hardship. We are the party of equal opportunity!”

— CPAC (@CPACnews) March 15, 2013

This guy should have been our Vice President. Not the buffoon we have now. #PaulRyan

— RB (@RBPundit) March 15, 2013

Twitchy will have video for you as soon as it is available.

Update: Here’s video of Paul Ryan’s speech.


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