Hilarious: Van Jones falls for Russian meteor Photoshop smearing Fox News



That Photoshop? Why yes, Van, it is pathetic. Even Media Matters hasn’t fallen for it … yet.

@vanjones68 @stevensinger3 Looked on Media Matters for this and no mention. Is this real or a hoax?

— Rev. Chuck Currie (@RevChuckCurrie) February 16, 2013

Color us shocked that a truther like Van Jones would fall for such a blindingly obvious Photoshop.

Thats an obvious [email protected]vanjones68: PATHETIC RT @stevensinger3: Epic Fox Fail

— Ryan Jackson (@jacksonryan) February 16, 2013

Here’s the original screen cap from 2011 when, as The Right Scoop noted, Fox aired a photo of Tina Fey during a segment on Sarah Palin.


And here’s another pathetic version that’s been circulating since last year.


So, Van, care to issue a correction?


Van Jones hasn’t admitted he messed up, but the self-identified “education advocate” Jones retweeted did own up to the error (while taking another swipe at Fox, natch).

Twitter, I was out-Foxed. Thought Fox News was dumb enough to link Obama, Global Warming & meteors. Facts matter. So Sorry @vanjones68

— Steven Singer (@StevenSinger3) February 16, 2013


Jones acknowledges he was punked.

Sorry, y’all! #Pobody‘sNerfect #Punked MT @stevensinger3 Thought Fox was dumb enough 2link O, Global Warming & meteors. Facts matter. Sorry!

— Van Jones (@VanJones68) February 16, 2013

He also deleted his tweet slamming Fox News as “PATHETIC.” Perhaps he hasn’t heard: Twitchy is forever.


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