If Someone Had Reached Out When They Saw These Posts, This Family Might’ve Lived

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“Was your loved one showing any signs that they might take their own life?”

This heartbreaking question is usually the first one asked by police and investigators following a suicide. While families are forced to relive the last few weeks of their loved one’s life through memories, trying to focus on any erratic behavior or serious mood swings that might have triggered such a series of events.

As the motives behind a person’s suicide begin to unravel, investigators often look to social media to fill in the blanks. It is their belief that while some people may try to hide their inner struggles from family and friends, they may seek out help or attention via social media.

Perhaps if family and friends had seen the recent postings of 37-year-old Sinead Higgins, her life, as well as the life of her seven-year-old son, might have been saved.

Higgins and her young son were found dead in a London home on Wednesday morning.

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While their deaths are still considered unexplained, a series of social media posts made by the single mother suggest that she was going through some difficult times.

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