If You Think Parks In Russia Are Freaky Just Check Out These Ones In China…

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Going to a foreign land is already a little disorienting, but it didn’t help this Redditor that these parks in Beijing were populated with bizarre statues that no doubt will try and grab you when you turn their back on them. Check out these pictures of creepy parks Redditor Immovablebag took while visiting the capital of the People’s Republic, and be thankful you weren’t there with him.

I have no idea what those Chinese symbols say, but they most likely spell doom.

Also, is that Chinese Santa Claus?

He…it is poised to attack.

This thing puts the ‘Hell’ in Hello Kitty.

I don’t like that wink. Not one bit.

As Redditors pointed out, these bumper cars are unusually clean for being abandoned. Who is polishing them?

All aboard!

This one isn’t so much creepy as it is too strangely erotic for a children’s park.

Just a couple of bears pooping…super casual.

This must be one of those missing Malaysia Airlines planes…

I have never been to another country where I couldn’t speak the language, but I can imagine it’s insanely confusing when you go to places like this. It’s enough to make a tourist want to stay in their hotel!

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