In The Water, It’s A Fireworm, But On Land? It’s Pure Nope!

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I don’t think it’s controversial to say that ocean-dwelling creatures are pretty much the worst.

Sure, on land we have spiders and rabid animals, but those things that inhabit the deep sea are so creepy, especially when you consider just how little we know about them. One critter that we do know a bit about is the innocent-sounding bearded fireworm.

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The bearded fireworm is a kind of marine bristleworm native to the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.

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If we’re making comparisons, these creepy-crawlies most closely resemble centipedes. And we all know how much the world loves centipedes…

While we don’t need a reason to stay away from these buggers, they also pack a powerful sting if they’re annoyed. Their venom is not deadly to humans, but that doesn’t mean that getting stung is a pleasant experience.

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Think they look creepy in the water? Here’s what they look like on land. NOPE!

Ugh, everything is terrible.

What kind of creature is this?

Alright, that is SO gross. I’m so glad that summer is over so I can avoid the beach and pretty much guarantee that I won’t be running into one of these things.

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