Issa: Where was IRS division head during wasteful conferences?!/OzzieMcHenry/status/342081254671388674

At Thursday’s House hearing, Faris Fink, the Commissioner of the Small Business and Self-Employed Division who is now on administrative leave, will no doubt be grilled about his department’s mission to explore strange new $1,500-a-night hotel rooms and seek out new happiness experts. Fink will also most likely be asked to produce the receipts.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa took to Twitter Wednesday to remind everyone what Fink was doing while wasteful spending that he should have objected to as highly illogical was taking place:!/DarrellIssa/status/342389806019526656

How will Fink greet the committee? Place your bets:!/RichardRubinDC/status/342030469782712320

We also certainly won’t be hearing Fink say “live long and prosper.”

Another Twitter user tries to come to grips with the surreal:!/michelelfrost/status/341984136048828416

But we would be remiss if we didn’t also pass along the obligatory “Bush’s fault” tweet:!/JBCinRSF/status/342398859575689216


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