It’s Hard To Believe How Talented This 15-Year-Old Boy Is. Wow… I’m Stunned.

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All 15-year-olds are emotional, but very few seem to be able to capture that raw feeling and find a way to channel it. David Uzochukwu is a boy that took his angst and decided to transform it into absolutely brilliant art. Through his photography, David has been able to express himself and mesmerize anyone who’s lucky enough to be able to take a look at his pieces.

There’s something so dark, yet so fresh, about what he does with his camera. It’s really too impressive to not take a look at:  

Hell’s child.

Keeper of Souls.



Shifting II.

Circle of Energy.


I will learn to love the skies I’m under.


Gather force from the sea.

Shifting III.

Sorry soul.


(via My Modern Met)

Pretty amazing stuff, right? If you’re interested in seeing more of David’s work, head to his Flickr page or personal website.

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