Jeopardy! features Bill Ayers & Howard Zinn; College students draw blanks!/TexasTsunami/status/334476640983867393

They’re at it again. The left-leaning staff of the “Jeopardy!” game show managed to work a joke-y, whitewash-y item about the murderous Weather Underground domestic terrorist cabal into the College Tournament tonight.

i just had to turn #jeopardy because they referred to bill ayers as a radical instead of a terrorist

— chris hope (@chope1984) May 14, 2013

Shockingly, none of the college kids on @jeopardy right now knew which terrorist organization Bill Ayers was in. Wonder who they voted for?

— Joe Carruth (@JoeCarruth) May 14, 2013

hey #Jeopardy bill ayers is not a radical …he a scumbag commie terrorist….What is time to cancel this shit ?

— joe lewis (@joelewis28) May 14, 2013

Amazing! College students on Jeopardy tonight didn’t know question on Obama’s Commie pal Bill Ayers.#tcot

— Steve Cimo (@SteveCimo) May 15, 2013

There was also an item about Matt Damon’s favorite radical professor, Howard Zinn.

Holy fucking shit Howard Zinn was a question on jeopardy!!! I’m crying. 😭😅😪😢

— Amanda Sklar (@Amanda_Sklarzy) May 14, 2013

The good news? None of the contestants knew who he was, either:

The university students on Jeopardy tonight could not name Howard Zinn. I’m sad for America.

— Andrew (@andrewadastra) May 14, 2013

Not great day for radical professors on #Jeopardy. Kiddos didn’t recognize Obama pal Bill Ayers or late crank Howard Zinn.

— Francis Moran (@xfranman) May 14, 2013

Maybe there’s hope for the youth after all.


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