Jerkwad Ronan Farrow piles on apologetic DiGiorno with his own tasteless joke

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As Twitchy reported, DiGiorno Pizza caused a social media uproar last night after sending this inappropriate tweet in response to a domestic violence awareness hashtag:!/Posietron/status/509177819801587712

It took him a while, but MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow finally caught up on the story:!/Foxxi_Love/status/509427625950183426

And promptly made himself look like a colossal jackass:!/RonanFarrow/status/509425280176648194

So, basically, Farrow turned DiGiorno’s honest mistake into an opportunity to crack a tasteless joke. Har-dee-har-har.!/meadowgirl/status/509426923723038720

See, unlike Farrow, who enjoys using his platform to spew out callous garbage with impunity, DiGiorno has spent the last 18 hours apologizing profusely for its mistake.!/qwertybird/status/509432201880956928!/BVGamble/status/509426480930381824!/riffraaf/status/509425498641170432!/twostep83/status/509429377256652800

Bingo. But you know what? DiGiorno apologized to Farrow, too:!/SAHartwell/status/509427672498573312

Maybe not, but DiGiorno took the classy route anyway:!/DiGiornoPizza/status/509429219366293504

And that is how you take the high road.!/donnatalarico/status/509439495490768896

Learn from this, Ronan.



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