Joan Rivers disses Glee’s Lea Michele!/AccioAgron/status/212662529921527808

Uh-oh. Joan Rivers is hawking a new book. Which means she’s ramping up her cranky rhetoric. Latest target? Glee’s Lea Michele.

Seems to us that Rivers is the last person who should be assailing other women’s looks and age. Twitter users agree:

First, Lea Michele is like 24 or something and Joan Rivers really shouldn't be commenting on age when she looks like she's 304.

— daniel (@hipstacamila) June 12, 2012

Again with this whole Joan Rivers hating on Lea Michele thing? I srsly am done with this shit. JOAN IS NOT WORTHY! Learn that.

— madu (@corysmnteith) June 12, 2012

Right as I say that I love Joan Rivers I hear she was talking smack on Lea Michele. Oops. My baaaad.

— Hazel Grace (@iHaileyJo) June 12, 2012

Perhaps Rivers should stick to critiquing Washington?

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