John McCain snarls at fellow GOP senator for daring to question Gang of Eight deal!/middlemom/status/349956142463582210

Arizona Sen. John McCain flew into full “you kids get off my lawn” mode yesterday when Nebraska Sen. Deb Fischer dared offer any resistance to the border security provisions in the Gang of Eight’s immigration deal. Fischer had offered an amendment to the immigration bill, and McCain wasn’t thrilled in the least with any assumption that the bill he is co-sponsoring could be flawed in any way.!/DavidLimbaugh/status/350025444105531393


The full length clip is here.

We’re not quite sure what McCain’s point was, other than feeling a need to get his snarl on. How could a visit to the border serve as evidence of the effectiveness of legislation that hasn’t even been enacted yet?!/GirlPainting/status/350028387974262784

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